Better Customer Experiences

A happy customer is a returning customer. At Creative Insights we dedicate ourselves to developing solutions that deliver excellent customer experiences and offer greater convenience.

Better Decision Making

Our solutions focus on the provision of extensive data and valuable insights, reported through powerful and intuitive dashboards to enable objective, evidence-based decision making.

Better Service Delivery

Our solutions are designed in a way to drastically improve how service delivery is organized, which allows for greater process visibility and leads to heightened productivity and shorter turnaround times

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We Add Creativity to Insight

At Creative Insights, we develop technologies focused on improving customer experience by availing highly customizable and adaptable solutions which include customer process flow mapping and management, feedback and self-service to organizations and companies at competitive rates. Put simply, we help improve how customers and companies interact.


What We Do

Our services revolve around the improvement of customer experiences through the implementation of innovative solutions and modern technologies. Below are a few of the areas in which we provide solutions:  

Queue Management Solutions

Customer Process Flow Mapping

Customer Feedback Solutions

Self-Service Solutions


Solutions for Success

Business professionals know how important customer experience is to the success of their operations. This is why we have developed the following modern platforms that tackle customer service challenges. 

  • QFlo - Innovative Queue Management

    A powerful online queuing solution that allows customers to queue remotely from anywhere.

  • QAppoint - Appointment Management

    It efficiently handles the appointment process for a business and seamlessly integrates with QFlo.


What to Expect


At CI, professionalism is not just a fancy term we use for the sake of it, but a way of life in terms of how we conduct business.


We don’t simply instruct, but instead work with you to identify your needs and the best solutions to address them.


The way we work and the solutions we develop all adhere to international standards of quality.


We always maintain open and honest communication lines to ensure clients can freely interact with us.


We are very serious about our work and always take responsibility for doing everything to the best of our ability for all clients. 


As our name suggests, creativity is at the heart of everything we do, so expect innovation whenever you work with us.

Delivering Solutions to

Keep Your Clients Smiling

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